I shut down my computer every night for 40 Days.

by Margaret Ryland

Your mind is racing, your eyes are tired, you can’t quite function; but you have to keep going. Little time for sleep.

Even when you finally sleep it is restless and interrupted, because you have so much going on around you that you can’t ever completely turn off.

Sounds terrible doesn’t it?

In mid-February I realized that that’s just life for my trusty iMac.

I rarely shut her down, gave her a rest.

Around the same time I discovered through my kinesiologist that I had high levels of EMF in my body.

It turns out sleeping in the same room with your computer probably isn’t the healthiest thing to do.

With these two things colliding, I decided to do a 40-day experiment: I shut my computer down every night.

These are some things I learned:

  1. You get more mental closure, because you have to decide at the end of the day what to do with open projects, and bring it to some stopping place.
  2. Your computer runs better (maybe this is my imagination?)
  3. No more millions of open tabs
  4. Following this: those 5 articles you have open because they’re so important and you must read them? They’re actually just taking mental space from what is your primary focus now.
  5. If something is really important, you’ll find it again
  6. It feels good to physically flip the switch → it’s like what I imagine a commute to be for an office worker → work is done, let’s be present to the other vibrant things in my life

What about you? Do you shut down your computer regularly?