Notes. Or a blog.

A collection of ideas. Some fully developed; some still in nascent stages.

Journalling for creators: leaving a personal legacy

It showed up on my family’s living room table just around when my grandfather died. A massive spiral-bound book that was almost the size of a ream of paper. It was a typed version of my grandfather’s journals, and over the next weeks I discovered in these pages answers to questions I never thought to have.

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The Originality Trap

I’ll have an idea for a product, or a piece of content, and go on to explore it, but as I progress realize that someone has already written about it or started a company with a similar concept; and I’m stopped dead in my tracks.

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I failed!

I wasn’t going to let my desire for perfection in ticking off every single day overshadow the primary focus of the day, and one of my values: celebration and putting life over work.

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You’re not the only one who doesn’t see the connection between them, but that’s life. A glorious mix of barely tangential realities out of which I’m trying to make a beautiful tapestry of diverse and connected threads.

The Uncommon Journal

You’ll like this if you enjoy a semi-regular virtual, at-scale letter. Which is why I sort of hate the concept, but here we are.


A collection of notes: a place to explore new ideas and old, get on my soapbox, and sharpen my understanding of the nature of things. 

Font Design

As I child, I thought everyone had a favorite font. This year I’ve taken this nerdiness to a whole new level and started to design and build fonts.