The Uncommon Newsletter

For Creators, Philosophers, Artists, Entrepreneurs, and other Curious Folk who are seeking “to live deliberately” in a world of the common.

My life’s goal is to cultivate a rich, beautiful, and fulfilling life, and contribute to a resurgence of the primacy of Beauty in society.

A dried rose in a whisky bottle, a canon film camera, and a pack of cigarettes lie on a rustic windowsill in front of a forest
A dried rose in a whisky bottle, a canon film camera, and a pack of cigarettes lie on a rustic windowsill in front of a forest

Why “Uncommon”?

Webster’s dictionary gives us a clue as to why “uncommon” captures the spirit of this newsletter.

The word describes that which is outside what we normally accept and expect. It’s “unusual.”

In itself there’s nothing good about being unusual. However, if you look at the second definition, there is the key to what we’re aiming for.

Most people spend their lives on a predictable path that promises decent success if you stick to it long enough.

It’s safe, it’s very common.

The problem, however, is not that it’s common, but that following it often comes at the cost of our potential and happiness.

While it’s entirely possible that living an uncommon life will merely lead to you be “an oddball,” ideally, it will lead you to become an “exceptional” person.

It will lead you to living a life that is “remarkable” in its habits and results. Living a life of greatness and beauty according to your unique tastes, culture, and goals.

And if we each do this in our own way, imagine the great impact this would have in our world and societies today!

Making the uncommon common

And so I set out to write this newsletter: a rallying cry for the uncommon life!

A voice for the exceptional in a sea of common.

A place to explore some of the ways I’m approaching this.

A forum for interviewing others who are on their own uncommon path.

Here are some of the things currently on my plate. Creating a tapestry of life from diverse yet connected threads.

The Uncommon Journal

You’ll like this if you enjoy a semi-regular virtual, at-scale letter. Which is why I sort of hate the concept, but here we are.


For so long I’ve told myself it’s useless to add one more newsletter to the tsnunami of unread messages we get in our inboxes.

That I don’t have anything new to add to the conversation.

Yet, if this will help one person . . .

If it will bring enjoyment to my life and yours . . .

If it can inspire people to join me in seeking to follow this uncommon path . . .

. . . then that is enough.

The Uncommon Newsletter.

I invite you to join.

Font Design

As I child, I thought everyone had a favorite font. This year I’ve taken this nerdiness to a whole new level and started to design and build fonts.

The Details

  • A bi-weekly email newsletter/journal.

  • Essays and unfinished musings on life as a Creator who dabbles in too-many things.

  • Interviews with other homo sapiens seeking the uncommon.

  • Perhaps someday, a podcast!